Associated Company links

Associated Company Links


Geo2 Remediation Ltd

Geo2 Remediation are specialist providers of innovative, sustainable and client focused solutions to contaminated soil and ground water problems


Michael D Joyce Associates Ltd

Michael D Joyce Associates LLP offers a comprehensive and flexible range of site investigation services and Geo-Environmental consultancy. The potential environmental liabilities associated with contaminated land and property are ever increasing and it is now more important than ever that the full extent of any hidden liabilities is identified. We specialise in the evaluation of the environmental risk including a staged approach to investigation comprising phase 1 and 2 Geo-Environmental assessments.

Avoin Maa Surveys LTD

Our site experienced surveyors are able to considerably reduce the risk of loss to finance and to that of employees safety when excavating the ground. Full utility mapping can also be utilised to aid the design of civil projects.

We specialise in the detection and mapping of buried services and topographical surveys and work within the civil, highway, environmental and communication sectors.

We can also offer CCTV drainage surveys and desk top studies which are the public network provider guidance plans for sites.

White Agus Partnership

The White Agus Partnership is a registered member of the British Institute of Architectural Technologies and the Royal Institute of chartered surveyors. We understand that your house should not just be a building, its your home, and it is for this reason that we work closely with our clients so that we can work around them.