Rotary Drilling & Window Sampling

Rotary Drilling

Cape Site Services have gained many years experience, and specialize in various techniques of Rotary Drilling;

drill  drill2

These Techniques include;

  • Hollow Stem Auger Drilling in varying diameters
  • Continuous Flight Augering
  • Open Hole Drilling through solid formations with DTH, full hole diamond or tricone roller bits
  • Conventional Rock Coring using lined or open barrels
  • Conventional drift casing or ODEX/ROBIT in varying diameters

These techniques can all be utilized in conjunction with the following flush systems;

  • Water Flush using settling tanks and recirculated water
  • Mud/Polymer flush in unconsolidated/unstable ground
  • Air/Air mist
  • Foam

Use of re-circulated water flushing techniques enables us to contain the flushing media and any contaminant which may be present in the groundwater, therefore the pollutant can be disposed of and not spread on site during drilling operations.

All of the above enable our Drilling Crews to successfully install the best quality monitoring/remediation wells using top grade well materials supplied from Cape Site Services stores.

Borehole Soakaway
Cape Site Services can offer Borehole Soakaway Design and Installations.

Window Sampling

Cape Site services carry out a wide range of window sampling, used for environmental soil sampling and site investigation work.

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All site investigations can be undertaken by using petrol or intrinsically safe diesel equipment. Various sampling techniques can be carried out utilising either a tracked rig or conventional hydraulic equipment.

By offering a wide range of methods, Cape site guarantee to carry out all your sampling requirements using cost effective methods.

Cape site can also offer bespoke design for specialist contracts, all can be developed and manufactured in our in-house workshop.

Geotechnical readings can be carried out, utilising the Crawler rig.

We carry a wide range of well materials for supply and installation to our clients.